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Adult Education Centre of South Karelia (EKKO) offers education and training mainly to the adult residents in the city of Lappeenranta as well as to those in the neighbouring municipalities of Luumäki and Taipalsaari. Our courses, however, are open to all, irrespective of age or educational background. In 2017─2018, student enrolment stood at 12,200.

Type, duration and skills levels of courses

  • regular evening or daytime courses (lasting one or two terms)
  • intensive courses (a few days or a few weekends)
  • basic to advanced courses
  • online courses
  • individual and small group tuition.

Courses, lectures and special event are provided in many subjects

  • Languages
    • Handicrafts: patchwork, needlework, dressmaking, lacemaking,
      feltwork, willow-work, woodwork, furniture restoration, ceramics, gemstone
      cutting, stained glasswork, and glass melting
  • Visual arts: a wide variety of different painting courses, e.g. watercolour and
    oil, icon, enamel, and porcelain painting
  • Health and fitness
  • Music and dance
  • Computing skills
  • Digital photography
  • Social and community studies
  • Gardening, boat navigation, nature, how to reduce clutter at home

Our course booklet is delivered to every household in the city of Lappeenranta and environs on August 9th. For more details and updates, please see our website at www.ekko.fi.

Most of the courses in the Lappeenranta area are held at the following locations:

  • Pohjolankatu 27
  • Kauppakatu 41 (3rd floor)

The administrative office

The administrative office is located at Pohjolankatu 27, Lappeenranta, GSM 044 566 4553, toimisto(at)ekko.fi

During the terms (Sept 10 ─ Dec 02 & Jan 14 ─ Apr 14) our office hours are as follows:
Monday ─ Tuesday 10:00am─5:15pm
Wednesday ─ Thursday 10:00am─3:00pm
N.B. Office closed on Fridays.

Week 49: 3. – 7.12.2018

Monday – Tuesdays 10:00am─3:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am–01:00pm
Thursday and Friday Office is closed

Week 50: 10. – 14.12. 2018

Monday, Wednesdays, Thursday 10:00am–03:00pm
On Tuesday 11th of December the office is closed

Week 51: 17. – 21.12.2018

Monday– Tuesday 10:00am–03:00pm
From Wednesday 19th of December office is closed until the 7th of January. 

Our office is open next time on Monday 7th of January from 10:00am to 03:00pm. From Tuesday 8th of January our office will follow the normal opening hours.

Terms and holidays

Autumn term Sept 10 ─ Dec 2, 2018

Autumn holiday, week 43, Oct 22 ─ Oct 28, 2018 (office is closed)

Spring term, Jan 14 ─ Apr 14, 2019

Winter holiday, week 9, Feb 25 ─ March 3, 2019 (office is closed)

Summer courses, Apr 23 – June 7


Emilia Valkonen, PhD, Head of Institute, GSM 044 071 1707

Sanna Mäkelä, MA, Deputy Head, GSM 044 742 0173

Pirkko Muukka, Administrative Clerk, GSM 044 566 4553

Pirjo Maarit Kukko, Financial Clerk, GSM 044 566 3363

Pasi Litmanen, MTI, IT Teacher and Help Desk, GSM 050 555 7271

Sanna Laukkarinen, MA, Education coordinator, GSM 050 555 1676


Full-time teachers and counselling hours during terms

Email adresses of administrative personnel and teachers: firstname.lastname (at) ekko.fi

Pasi Litmanen, MTI, IT Teacher, GSM 050 555 7271, available Tue 3:00pm – 5:00pm at 27 Pohjolankatu Lappeenranta, Room 103.

Sinikka Miettinen, MA, Head of Physical Education, GSM 050 555 1954, available Wed 4:00pm – 5:00pm and Thu 2:00pm–4:00pm at 27 Pohjolankatu Lappeenranta, Room 110.

Sanna Mäkelä, MA, Head of Foreign Languages, GMS 044 742 0173
available Mon 3:00pm – 4:00pm at Pohjolankatu 27, Room 108 and Thu 3:00pm – 3:30pm at 41 Kauppakatu, 3rd floor.

Tuija Näränen, KteO, Head Teacher of Handicrafts and Arts, GSM 050 555 5856, available Thu 4:00pm – 6:pm at 27 Pohjolankatu, Lappeenranta, Room 205.

Sirpa Tereska, MA, Head Teacher of Finnish Language, GSM 044 566 3364, available Tue 2:00pm – 4:00pm, at 27 Pohjolankatu, Lappeenranta, Room 111.

Nontenured teachers

N.B. Contact details of nontenured teachers (135) may be obtained from the office.

Contact persons in rural municipalities

In Luumäki: Annikki Hyytiäinen, GSM 050 354 5042, annikki.hyytiainen (at) gmail.com
In Taipalsaari: Piia Pouttu, Administrative Clerk, GSM 040 710 6096, piia.pouttu (at) taipalsaari.fi


Our website, at www.ekko.fi -> Hae kursseja/Ilmoittaudu, opens for online registration on Monday, June 11.

For the Finnish language evening courses online registration starts on Monday, June 11 (the Finnish social security number is required). If you don’t have an existing social security number, you can still enrol in the administrative office at Pohjolankatu 27. Read more.

For a course to start, a minimum of 10 sign-ups is needed; so please remember to sign up as early as possible. If the course is already full, you can register to be put on the waiting list. Write down the registration number so you can check which courses you have registered for. You will be notified by an SMS message or phone if you get a place on the course. Once a course has started you are welcome to join in provided there is room on the course.

Instructions for online enrolment from this link. To register, you need your personal netbanking access codes.


Course fees, terms of cancellation and discounts

In this academic year, year-long courses are divided up into two separate courses. You can register for either the Autumn half or the Spring half of the course only, or simultaneously for both.  If you register for both, and only pay for the Autumn half when registering, the spring half of the course must be paid for by the end of November to be able to secure your place on the course.

The course fees reflect the type and length of the courses; please see the course description for details.

You can find our course booklet (pdf) here.

Payment must be made at least 7 days before the start date of the course, if not indicated otherwise. The course fee is paid during online registration or at the admin office at Pohjolankatu 27. It is only by paying the course fee that you secure your place on your selected course. Paying by invoice is not possible. The fees are course-specific.

Our cancellation and refund policy:

To receive a full refund, you may cancel up to 7 days before the start date of the course either by informing the admin office by email (toimisto(at)ekko.fi) or by calling at the office (at Pohjolankatu 27) during office hours. N.B. You cannot submit your cancellation to the teacher of the course. Once the course has started, full course fee will apply. Also, if you decide, for non-medical reasons, not to finish the course, you will not be refunded. If, however, into less than half of the duration of the course, you are forced to cancel your participation for medical reasons, you are required to submit a doctor`s note to be entitled for a partial refund; refunds amounting to less than €5 are not given, however.

You will get a full refund of the course fee if the course is cancelled by us. Alternatively, if you so wish, you can transfer the refund due to you towards payment for another course.

If you have registered for a course and then for any reason fail to pay seven days before the start date, or if you choose not to attend the course after all, this does not qualify as cancellation. For cancellations made 1-6 days prior to the start date, a €10 cancellation fee will apply. A place on a course is not transferable to another person.

If for any reason a class we are forced to cancel a class, you will be notified by an SMS message or by phone. If more than one class is cancelled by us, per term, the missed classes will be made up by rescheduling them to another suitable date.

Please inform the admin office promptly if you decide to cancel a course, or transfer to another course. This will enable us to notify students on the waiting list that a place has become available.

Please make sure your contact details, email and telephone number, are accurate and up to date.

Training vouchers (Fi ”OS” or ”Opintosetelialennus”) are granted by the National Board of Education. An OS is worth €10, a sum which will be deducted from the course fee. Such courses are indicated with the letters ”OS”. Unemployed persons, pensioners, persons over 63 years of age and immigrants (excluding asylum seekers, however) are eligible for the OS discount. Please note that you may receive a discount on only one course during the study year. Also, the number of training vouchers is limited. To claim an instant discount, you need to register at the office and present  applicable documentation indicating that you qualify. If you register for a course online, you will pay the full fee; you are then requested to fill in a training voucher application form to claim the discount. The deducted sum, €10, will be returned to your bank account afterwards.

Details on each course (description, location, teacher, materials used, dates and hours) are given after the course title in the course booklet (pdf).

See also our Course Web Sites at www.ekko.fi-> EKKOn Peda.net


EKKO Peda.net

The Pedanet, an online learning platform available at https://peda.net/ek2, is used mainly to host course-specific websites providing a channel for sharing of course materials, etc; and also to host our online courses.


Certificates for attendance are provided on request. Regular class attendance is required as a condition for receiving a certificate; a fee of €5 or €10 applies. Attendance records are maintained for ten years.

1 lesson = 45 minutes.


For public information purposes, the Institute will, from time to time, document by video and photography students in study and also the general public attending our events such as the Spring Exhibition for example. We will not publish any such material without consent of the persons concerned.


The students have no insurance coverage provided by the Institute.

For the latest updates on courses and events visit our website and follow us on FB , Instagram and LinkedIn!



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